Supporting Small This Christmas w/ Alice Lizzy Accessories

After the absolute disaster of this year, one thing I’ve noticed a LOT more than recent years which has really warmed my cold and miserable heart (kidding) is how many people are concentrating on shopping small this Christmas and supporting small businesses where they can.

White Circular Clay Earrings with Gold Leaf and Small Gold Spike from Alice Lizzy Accessories

If you love jewellery as much as I do, you’ve probably found yourself falling down a small jewellery business rabbit hole on Twitter. Good GOD there are so many incredibly talented designers and jewellery business owners out there selling cute, quirky and different pieces.

And one that I had my eye on for ages and who you’ve probably seen around the block a few times as well, is Alice Lizzy and her gorgeous polyclay earrings.

The popularity of Alice’s earrings has just grown and grown over the last year. And it’s easy to see why. I recently featured her earrings in my Black Friday Gift Guide on Jenny in Neverland but because I love them so much, I wanted to dedicate an entire post here as well.

Circular White Clay Earrings with Small Spike £4.75

Alice Lizzy Accessories White Circular Clay Earrings With Gold Leaf and Small Gold Spike

Starting with the earrings featured above, the Circular White Clay Earrings With Small Gold Spike, these were my first choice of design when Alice asked which ones I liked. I’m an absolute sucker for the gold leaf effect and I love the combination of the spike and the clay circle. This design is available in black as well (which is also bloody lovely) but I preferred the white as it was a little more understated.

These earrings can completely change up the look and feel of an outfit. Take the most basic outfit, a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt and suddenly you’ve jazzed it up completely. Add a leather jacket and a pair of heels to the mix and you’ve got a really kick-ass going out outfit.

Rectangular Black Clay Earrings With Gold Leaf£4.99

Alice Lizzy Accessories Rectangular Black Clay Earrings With Gold Leaf
Rectangular Black Clay Earrings With Gold Leaf from Alice Lizzy Accessories

My second choice of earrings were the Rectangular Black Clay Earrings With Gold Leaf, which have the same edgy design as the previous ones but obviously take on a completely different look and feel. You can see the sort of style I like, can’t you?

These ones really stand out when you’re wearing them, understated they are not. But I love that about them and love how much of a statement they make when worn out. Although these are pretty big and chunky, they’re extremely light-weight and comfortable to wear.

From studs, to hoops, spikes, polka dots and tassles – you name it, Alice has a design for you. All her earrings are handmade and packaged so well, which is what you often get with small businesses. They go above and beyond with their customer service

For statement earrings that stand out from the crowd, Alice Lizzy is a shop you’ll want to watch. Perfect for stocking fillers for the jewellery lover in your life as well, with her prices being SO affordable, it’s almost a steal.

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