Witchy Jewellery w/ Obsidian Hollow

By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes” – William Shakespeare, Macbeth

If there’s two things I absolutely love, it’s jewellery and supporting small businesses. So when I have the chance to combine both of those things, I’m definitely going to grab it with both hands. And although Halloween is a long 9 months away, I personally don’t think there’s any wrong time to incorporate some cute, spooky, witchy jewellery into your outfits!

Today’s pieces were kindly sent to me last year from small biz and witchy jewellery extraordinaire, Obsidian Hollow. I wasn’t asked to write this review but I loved wearing these so much that I wanted to anyway. So now that’s out the way, let’s get into the good stuff!

Witchy jewellery isn’t just for Halloween. I love costume jewellery and something a little different and this is exactly that. As a huge fan of anything spooky, Horror and paranormal, you can imagine my delight when these came through my door!

Witching Hour Planchette Necklace£9.99

This particular necklace doesn’t appear to be on the Etsy store at the moment, however there is a similar planchette necklace available which I will link to here. The one I received (pictured above), I absolutely adore and is without a doubt my favourite piece I received from Obsidian Hollow. Although have no doubt I would NEVER do a Ouija board myself!

The chain necklaces are available in 14, 16, 18 or 20 inches depending on personal preference and contain incredible detail and a gorgeous gothic design. I will 100% continue to wear my planchette necklace all year round, depending on the outfit. This one definitely isn’t just for Halloween!

Pumpkin Chord Necklace £5.99

My second piece from Obsidian Hollow was the Pumpkin Chord Necklace. I forgot to mention that when I was sent these pieces, I was able to choose the pieces myself, so although Obsidian Hollow have a wide range of gothic and witchy jewellery, these 3 pieces are of my own personal preference.

But who doesn’t love pumpkins, right? I chose this one specifically in the lead up to Halloween and I love it. I also wore it out to dinner with a friend who pointed it out too so you can expect to receive some comments when wearing this one!

The chord is 18 inches in length which I think for a necklace of this nature is perfect as it sits just right. With chord, you wouldn’t want the pendant hanging too low.

Hanged Skeleton Earrings£5.99

And finally, I chose the Hanged Skeleton Earrings. How these are some serious Halloween vibes and definitely the epitome of gothic and witchy jewellery! These will definitely make a statement and worn at any other time but Halloween are bound to attract attention.

But I love them. I actually think they’re rather cute! They sit really nicely in your ears and they’re a good size too – being around 6cm in length.

All Obsidian witchy jewellery is handmade and comes lovingly wrapped as well. Owner Kayleigh really pulls out all the stops with her business and it’s so nice to see Obsidian Hollow grow and grow. I follow a lot of jewellery sites, small businesses and creators to make jewellery and it’s very common to see the same sort of thing, so with Obsidian Hollow, you know you can expect something a bit differnet.

For anyone a fan of witchy jewellery, spooky things, Halloween or the paranormal, this will definitely be up your street or make the perfect gift for the witchy jewellery fan in your life!

Witchy Jewellery

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