Aquila: Jewellery Inspired By Life’s Journeys

Aside from all the sparkle and the way beautiful jewellery looks and feels whilst you’re wearing it, another thing I love about jewellery – particularly smaller brands – is the story behind them. I love a good story. And a powerful meaning behind why someone does what they do. And I think of all the jewellery brands I’ve worked with recently, Aquila is the one that embodies this sentiment the most.

Silver hooped earrings resting on a purple piece of fabric with stars
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Supporting Small This Christmas w/ Alice Lizzy Accessories

After the absolute disaster of this year, one thing I’ve noticed a LOT more than recent years which has really warmed my cold and miserable heart (kidding) is how many people are concentrating on shopping small this Christmas and supporting small businesses where they can.

White Circular Clay Earrings with Gold Leaf and Small Gold Spike from Alice Lizzy Accessories
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Daisy London x Estée Lalonde: Rising Sun Frame Necklace

Late last year, I was lucky enough to work on a gifting campaign with Daisy London and their incredible Estée Lalonde range. I wasn’t asked to give a full review of this piece but since having this necklace in my collection, it’s become a real staple piece that I reach for time and time again.

Daisy London
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Witchy Jewellery w/ Obsidian Hollow

By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes” – William Shakespeare, Macbeth

If there’s two things I absolutely love, it’s jewellery and supporting small businesses. So when I have the chance to combine both of those things, I’m definitely going to grab it with both hands. And although Halloween is a long 9 months away, I personally don’t think there’s any wrong time to incorporate some cute, spooky, witchy jewellery into your outfits!

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