Aquila: Jewellery Inspired By Life’s Journeys

Aside from all the sparkle and the way beautiful jewellery looks and feels whilst you’re wearing it, another thing I love about jewellery – particularly smaller brands – is the story behind them. I love a good story. And a powerful meaning behind why someone does what they do. And I think of all the jewellery brands I’ve worked with recently, Aquila is the one that embodies this sentiment the most.

Silver hooped earrings resting on a purple piece of fabric with stars

I was contacted by Stacey from Aquila when I was sourcing products for my Black Friday Gift Guide. So although these earrings were gifted to me, I wasn’t asked to write this post. But the more I found out about Aquila the more I loved everything they stood for and not to mention their beautiful pieces of jewellery as well. Because that’s what this is all about.

Who are Aquila?

“Each collection is inspired by a place that I have visited or lived in for a short time, which has led to an emotional connection. I want to celebrate and capture travel and dreams of adventure, and special milestones that people can relate to. Whether it be a token of love, a special celebration, a marker of success or recognition of friendship” Stacey Hodkinson – Owner

Aquila was born from Stacey’s own experiences, during her travels when she stumbled across silversmiths in Indonesia crafting jewellery for a local market. The thing that struck her the most was how the elders of the families were teaching the younger generation their skill (a traditional Indonesian technique called Jawan).

Everything was beautifully handcrafted. Without factories or mass production – all that mattered was the special craft of jewellery making.

All pieces on Aquila have a beautiful boho feel to them, from earrings to bracelets and rings, each piece is designed by hand with care and attention using traditional techniques by skilled silversmiths and goldsmiths in Indonesia. I mean, talk about the story eh?

Agonda Chunky Sterling Silver Hoops With Hammered Finish£40.00

Girl wearing chunky sterling silver hoop earrings

Taken from the website: “Inspired by the relaxing and free spirited Goan beach of Agonda, this simplistically designed set of earrings pay tribute to the simple and uncomplicated life the locals lead whilst enjoying the un-spoilt golden sands. These earrings are part of the Agonda family, a family that captures the soulful Goan spirit and the bohemian lifestyle travellers experience when they breeze through.”

When I was asked to pick a piece from the site to feature in the gift guide, my eyes went straight to the Agonda Chunky Sterling Silver Hoops. I mean of course I could have easily chosen everything but these in particular were right up my street and my style.

I tend to stray more towards chunkier jewellery instead of thinner, smaller pieces. Although you’ll probably see some pieces like that on this blog at some point. But just in general, I like a bit of chunk in my jewellery. I like to feel it around my wrist or neck or in my ears. I like to know I’m wearing a really high quality piece of jewellery.

And this is EXACTLY what you get with these gorgeous earrings. They’re fairly weighty – not too weighty that they’re uncomfortable to wear but you certainly know you’re wearing them and they feel such incredible quality.

They’re a great size too. They look so chic and stylish with almost any outfit. Even on those days where I’m in sweatpants with my hair piled on my head and not a shred of make-up, whack these in my ears and suddenly I feel like I’ve got my life together (even though I very much haven’t).

I also really love the textured hammered finish on these, they give a certain depth and difference to the style and make it a little more edgy which I love compared to a plain hoop. They arrived in this lovely little bag as well, which I’ll definitely be keeping mine in to keep them safe.

These are certainly the kind of earrings that you can whack in every single day in the morning without fear. They’re a proper sturdy and high quality pair of every day earrings that you can wear to work, out with friends (or not cos you know, COVID) and when you’re out for the evening.

I’m so happy with my choice but I do love everything available on the website. I think their prices are also EXTREMELY affordable considering how they’re made the uniqueness of the pieces and the fact that you’re never going to find something like this in chains. These earring will set you back £40 which is a great price for a gift for yourself or for a loved one.

I could rave about these earrings and this brand all day! What do you think of them? Are you a fan of jewellery with a story behind it?

14 thoughts on “Aquila: Jewellery Inspired By Life’s Journeys

  1. Lovely earrings and the brand sounds amazing! I love jewelry too and am always adding to my collection. I’m like a magpie, seeing something shiny and I just gotta have it. So glad the blog is launched Jenny!


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